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In addition to creating a presence for his company, Rogers Benefit Group, in a new, carrier rich environment, Jeff Hogan has created unique partnerships with his brokers that help them to deliver an engaging, modern and consultative approach to employee benefits.

Listen to this episode to learn about Rogers Benefit Group's innovative and successful approach. See how you can adapt their model to your practice to bring greater value and differentiate your agency.

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Can waste in healthcare be eliminated without being disruptive, while also engaging physicians and creating transparency? We’re pleased to welcome Frank Roby to the program today, to answer this question.

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Listen in to learn how TBX recreated enrollment software that engages, educates, and enhances the selling process and which can be provided and customized at no up-front cost. Joe will explain the reasons why his system is a great differentiator for brokers and how his new approach helps to market employee benefits more effectively.

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Today, we welcome to the show Tony Boquet, vice president of the American College. He runs the program called the Center for Veteran Affairs, which helps veterans returning from different conflicts around the world to get the needed education to obtain employment.

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On today’s episode, we are speaking with Mel Schlesinger, the creator of the LinkedIn Lead System.

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