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In this fast-paced interview, Eric explains how advisors interested in enhanced benefits fall into four distinct classes and delves into which group you want to be in for maximum productivity and client satisfaction.

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Every time talk turns to single payer, folks use the Canadian healthcare system as a reference. How does that system really work and does it provide better care for our northern neighbors?

For answers, we went to our Canadian friend Ron Hansell, President of Cross Border Benefits. We start by asking Ron for an overview of their system – just to level-set the discussion. He explains how it their system is paid for, what it costs and how their citizens interact with it.

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Last week we explored buying leads. This week, in part 2 we will discuss how to maximize the potential of those purchased leads.

If you were surprised at how much has changed if you are buying leads, our guest this week, Don Runge, President of DMR and LeadGuru, believes that the established methodologies still work best for getting the most out of those leads.

Don contends that advisors need to make a “mind-shift” that challenges a lot of what they may believe about working leads. He also cautions that a lead is not a sale, but rather, a convenient excuse to begin a conversation with a prospect.


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Buying leads has become more of a science than an art and the process is infused with new technology that helps you treat each lead like a $1000 bill. 

We asked Richard Bufkin, President of Target Leads to update us on lead purchasing, a traditional process that has been brought very much up to date. Richard is the second generation of a business that is 32 years old and that has been in his family for 25 years, so he has seen that evolution up close and personal.

During our conversation, Richard also dispels some commonly held beliefs. For some products, fancy mailing pieces generally do not perform better than plain old black and white mailings. We learn how reply options have changed greatly – including “PURLS” (personalized URLs).

We learn about the critical importance of an integrated CRM and how your response time may dictate your success. Richard also talks about clustering, and resting zip codes.

What You'll Learn from This Episode:

  • How Target Leads - a family business - has changed over time.
  • What's new in lead purchasing.
  • Why CRM systems are critically important.
  • What "clustering" is and how it affects lead generation.
  • Why Richard will lock out leads for 90 days.
  • Which is more effective – fancy color mailings or plain old black and white.
  • What PURLs are, and why they're so crucial to getting exposure.
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